This was a great project to work on with this wonderful family. Started with a beautifully designed plan that would provide for a nice flow and function on the space provided. Brown’s Canyon natural stone was used to create stairs, pathway, and retaining walls to lead them towards the gas fireplace constructed from an attractive cement hardscape kit that we use quite often. The same material was used to tie the side retaining wall into the natural stone and provide elevation changes and planting beds. The fire pit sits atop a very attractive prefab cement paver/flagstone product that is unique and virtually indestructible. A large meandering walking path built from compacted gravel allows for an inviting stroll while enjoying the soothing sounds, look, and feel of the spectacular descending water feature that brings it all together. This really turned out great and we are very proud of the work here.

Services Rendered

  • Landscape design
  • sprinkler system
  • Rock retaining wall & stairs
  • Key stone Walls
  • Pillar water feature
  • Gas Fire pit
  • In ground trampoline
  • Trees, shrubs, grass
  • Rock scaping